Dr Nadine Pelling

Clinical Psychology, Counselling,
and Supervision

About nadine

Dr Nadine Pelling earned a BA (Hon.) Psychology from the University of Western Ontario, both a MA and a PhD in Counselling Psychology from Western Michigan University, and additional university qualifications in addiction treatment, women’s studies, and leadership and administration before beginning work in Australia. Dr Nadine Pelling has been working with clients since 1995. She began lecturing in psychology for the post-secondary education system in 1997.

Dr Nadine Pelling is a clinical psychologist, counsellor, and approved supervisor. Dr Pelling works mainly as a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology and Counselling at the University of South Australia (UniSA). However, Dr Pelling also maintains a boutique private practice as a clinician at Summerford Specialists in Aberfoyle Park, SA. In her private practice, Dr Pelling provides clinical psychology, counselling, and supervision services.


Dr Pelling works with adults and older adolescents, couples, and families focusing on biological, emotional, cognitive, and behavioural difficulties to promote biopsychosocial health.

Clinical Psychology

The application of cognitive, behavioural, and interpersonal techniques to help clients manage depression, anxiety, trauma, thought difficulties such as rumination, and behavioural problems such as substance abuse and destructive habits.


Applying an interpersonal approach to dealing with difficult feelings, thoughts, and difficulties. Life coaching, relaxation and general meditation training, as well as couple and family counselling are some examples of the counselling services provided.


Approved psychology and clinical psychology supervision services as well as counselling supervision for training, registration, endorsement, psychology peer supervision, and ongoing counselling supervision requirements.