About Dr Pelling

BA (Hon.), MA, PhD
Clinical Psychologist

Combining the best of Clinical Psychology and Counselling approaches for individually focused helping.

Dr Nadine Pelling earned a BA (Hon.) Psychology from the University of Western Ontario, both a MA and a PhD in Counselling Psychology from Western Michigan University, and additional university qualifications in addiction treatment, women's studies, and leadership and administration before beginning work in Australia. Nadine Pelling has been working with clients since 1995. She began lecturing in psychology for the post-secondary education system in 1997.

Dr Pelling is a clinical psychologist, counsellor, and approved supervisor who works mainly as a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology and Counselling at the University of South Australia (UniSA). However, she also maintains a boutique private practice as a clinician at Summerford Specialists in Aberfoyle Park, SA. In her private practice, Dr Pelling provides clinical psychology, counselling, and supervision services.

Dr Pelling has published over 80 articles and book chapters. She has co-edited various major books and journal special issues on the topics of counselling, supervision, abnormal psychology, and the therapeutic professions in Australia.

Dr Pelling's private clinical psychology and counselling work is separate from her work as a Senior Lecturer at the University of South Australia and thus she sees clients independently and not as a UniSA employee. Due to her UniSA employment, Dr Pelling limits her private practice to one day per week.

Dr Pelling is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society, a Fellow of the College of Clinical Psychologists, and an approved clinical supervisor for the College of Clinical Psychologists. She is registered with the Psychology Board of Australia, endorsed in clinical psychology, and is an approved Psychology Board of Australia Supervisor.

Dr Pelling is qualified to provide hypnosis and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing, a trauma-focused therapy) when applicable to client difficulties.


Dr Pelling has earned professional accolades for her writing and work which include the following:

  • UniSA Mid-Career Teaching Award in 2015
  • High Student Evaluation Award (BEHL 2013 – Counselling Skills) in 2015
  • Standing in the Outstanding Alumni Academy of Western Michigan University in 2010 (for the Speciality Program in Alcohol and Drug Abuse, in recognition of academic leadership in research of substance abuse, psychology, and clinical supervision)
  • Certificate of Recognition from the International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society - Runner-up for the International Award for Excellence in the area of technology, knowledge and society in 2007 for the paper: A survey of carers' interest in face to face and Internet based counselling: Carers' Interest in counselling via the Internet
  • Australian Psychological Society and Pearson Education Early Career Teaching Award in 2005
  • Certificate in recognition of Initiating Counselling Research in Australia in the Established Researcher Category for research skills teaching to counsellors from the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) - runner-up for the researcher award in the Recognising Achievement in Counselling and Psychotherapy in 2005
  • Certificate of Recognition regarding Program Director Excellence (University of South Australia) for outstanding direction of the Counselling Masters Program - 2005
  • Scholarly Teaching Award 2004 (University of South Australia)
  • Chancellor's Awards for Community Engagement for the University of South Australia Psychology Clinic Team 2006 (University of South Australia) - named Member of the Psychology Clinic Team
  • Australian Counselling Association Fellowship 2005 for recognition of outstanding contribution to Australian Counselling and raising the profile of Australian counselling internationally
  • Australian Counselling Association National Award 2004 for recognition of outstanding contribution to Australian Counselling Association and the counselling profession as a whole